Do Not Put Your Cleverness In Front Of The Communication

Creative people are paid to be creative.

So, in order to justify their salaries, they need to be seen to have clever ideas.

I have no argument with intuitive clever ideas. There are often the best. The problem is that good ideas do not always come along, great ideas even less often.

In their need to prove their worth, creative people often produce work which on the surface appears clever but has little substance.

Instead of trying to find a quick fix, if they were to spend time finding out what the problem was, they would discover the solution.

In other words, if you ask the right question, you get the right answer.

There is a book which was written in the 1950s but is still relevant today. It’s called A Technique for Producing Ideas by James WebbYoung.

It doesn’t give you ideas, but it helps sort out what you want to say and helps you arrive at an original and relevant solution.


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